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Construction management

  • Defining the volume and type of work, according to project documentation
  • Selection and analysis of optimal architectural and project decisions
  • Breakdown of the total cycle of construction works into components of technological operations, assessment of constituency and duration of technological operations
  • Arrangement of interconnection between technological operations, determination of the necessary amount of participants
  • Arranging and holding a tender on recruiting a general construction contractor
  • Arrangement of signing general contractor agreement and other mutual agreements
  • Management of general contractor agreement (control of compliance with parties’ commitments)
  • Management of construction budget: arrangement of on-time funding, maintenance of financial accounting, provision of accounting over a period and on an accrual basis
  • Development of “Consolidated network plan” and short-term graphs of the following working phases and control of their maintenance
  • Coordination of construction work processes (supply of materials, engineering)
  • Cost control
  • Construction design supervision, control of introduction of modifications