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Realization and marketing

  • Arrangement and management of space realization (rent/sale)
  • Economic administration: Cost estimate, Regulation of expenditures, provision of demanded indexes, sales performance, evaluation of personal performances of employees
  • Sales management: employees planning and control, recruitment, screening and adaptation, employees’ business activity analysis (progress review, department performance evaluation)
  • Account management adjustment- evaluation and adjustment of account management (not less than once a year)
  • Development of marketing promotion strategy
  • Development of promotion budget, determination of optimal sales channels and mechanisms
  • Sales channels management
  • Accounting management arrangement
  • Representation of property owners interests in negotiations with brokers and other participants of the market
  • Promotion of distribution channel (trade marketing): planning and realization of stimulating the allocation among participants of the channel, methodological support of allocation channel sales
  • Holding a tender on recruiting managing and operating companies
  • Budget evaluation
  • Strategy development
  • Creating an optimal organizational structure
  • Organization of the favorable working conditions for the employees
  • Creating of effective commercial policies
  • Targeting
  • Determination of strategy and tactics of working with the target audience
  • Developing distribution and sales channels