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Land in Odintsovo area

More than 2500 ha
- m2
The object is in the phase of site planning.
Location: Zvenigorod, Savvinskaya settlemen
Clearing for operation: Not defined

Long-term project of a complex building development in a close proximity of Zvenigorod city.
First stage development- apartment building with developed infrastructure. Project represents low- and middle-rise buildings, fitting ideally in picturesque paysage of Savvinskaya settlement and a magnificent forest land. The main point of attraction would be a golf course, designed with the involvement of world stars in this truly aristrocratic type of sport. Developed infrastructure will comprise all necessary for a balanced development of a modern person.
The works will be handled in accordance with the world standards of residential constructions, ensuring harmony between modern architectural forms and a natural beauty of a landscape in one of the the most picturesque places in the suburbs of Moscow.